Emmannuel is a multifaceted individual renowned for his expertise in real estate investment, passion for global travel, and commitment to philanthropy. With a thriving portfolio in Connecticut, New York, and Florida, he is a seasoned investor always on the lookout for new opportunities. Traveling to the world with his family, Emmannuel enriches his life through diverse cultural experiences. His heart, though, lies in aiding the underprivileged. Guided by the principle of changing lives one person at a time, he provides financial philanthropy. Emmannuel embodies the spirit of positive impact and meaningful living.


Emmannuel is proficient isn Spanish, English and Portuguese. 

The Real Estate Industry this is Evolving. It's Long Overdue.

By mutually supporting and motivating each other, we ascend together, promoting agents to procure business through the joint cultivation of relationships. Establish widespread partnerships with Realtors who advocate for mutual success in both personal and professional spheres.


By creating innovative methods to surmount the challenges inherent in conventional practices, we can perceive each other as collaborators in the industry, rather than rivals.

Our Modern World Is Evolving Fast

Our Team

When you become a part of our team at eXp, you are not only embracing a new and modern approach to your real estate career; you are becoming business partners with agent ownership in the fastest-growing cloud-based brokerage in the world! That’s a significant commitment. Your success is equally important to all, and we are fully invested in your personal development. We strongly believe that the true purpose in our work lies in partnering with others who take massive action to transform not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them! Even though we are a virtually based brokerage, the heart of our organization is our people. We take pride in our business model that revolves around community and connections with individuals who are ready to support and nurture your growth. Let’s join forces in agent ownership!

Discovering the Unique eXp Realty Distinction!

Your career holds greater significance beyond real estate.

Emmannuel’s mission is to ignite a spark within her sphere, encouraging them to let go of comparison and embrace the joy in their journey. Within our organization, we empower Realtors to discover their true purpose, have faith in their distinctive path, and approach their work with heartfelt passion.


Authenticity is at the core of our values, as we believe that genuine relationships are the key to unlocking your full potential in business. By embracing authenticity and upholding integrity, you pave the way for meaningful connections and unparalleled growth.


Beyond being a mere real estate company, we are a close-knit family, supporting one another as we navigate the various dimensions of life’s journey. Join us as we climb together, lifting each other up in all aspects of life!

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Awaken to a New Era in Real Estate!

Embrace a Brighter Horizon in Real Estate with Emmannuel Pina!


As dawn breaks upon the real estate landscape, a new era unfolds, driven by cutting-edge technology and revolutionary business models. At the forefront of this transformative journey stands Emmannuel Pina, envisioning a future where every agent thrives within an environment of integrity, fairness, and abundance.


Guided by the principles of eXp Realty, Emmannuel Pina is dedicated to empowering agents who seek to stay ahead of the curve. Together, we navigate uncharted territories and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.


Join Emmannuel Pina and embark on a path to success, where innovation meets unwavering support, and where a brighter, promising horizon awaits in the world of real estate. Welcome to a new dawn of possibilities!

Step into the Promising Future of Real Estate

Achieve Work-Life Balance on Your Own Terms with eXp! At eXp, we empower you to take charge of your life and work on a schedule that suits you best. Experience the freedom to show up for both your family and your career, as we support your journey towards a harmonious balance between personal and professional commitments.

Unlock Greater Earnings Potential

Break Free from Trading Time for Money! Elevate your earnings with higher commissions and seize powerful growth opportunities for enhanced career stability.

Knowledge = Power

Elevate your aspirations and realize your potential with personalized guidance from Emmanuel Pina, the distinguished Growthing Leader at eXp Realty.

Connect with Top-Tier Professionals

Motivate others through your journey. Our platform's enhanced adaptability and global reach allow you to connect with energetic and involved professionals worldwide, unlocking infinite possibilities for success!

Experience Personal Growth

Become part of a team dedicated to your triumph. With around-the-clock access to immediate assistance, representatives can rest assured that they are supported by a brokerage committed to their enduring prosperity.

Make a Difference

Showcase your uniqueness and contribute fresh ideas daily. Acquire the expertise and insight necessary to make a significant impact on individuals' lives, and take pride in doing so!

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